Odin AFi

About Me

Two galaxies colliding.

Hello, world. My name is Justin and I'm exciting to have you checking out my under construction website. The site is under construction because I am currently a web and software development student at Western Technical College. Feel free to poke around! The website is currently very basic, but I plan to add more content in the future. Please feel free to visit the contact page if you like! You may notice that my pictures are mainly of deep space from the Hubble telescope, that's because I really love space related content!

Pillars of creation. Folks ask me, "What's with the name, Odin Animal Farm?" Well, good question! A big part of my motivation to develop the web and software development skillset is to create useful tools for people. From what I can tell, most software does two primary things: collect information and make that information useful for user. I've always associated this idea with Muninn and Hugginn, the ravens that would gather knowledge and wisdom for Odin.